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Day 1… it all starts here

OK… so, following our introduction to participatory media day yesterday run by David Brake http://blog.org and Sam Kinsley (PhD at Bristol), I am going to run this as an experiment. Why wordpress? well, it’s plain, boring and free… oo… and it’s been around for long enough to be tied into all the different search engines, tagging systems and everything else that we were told we might need.

So, what am I going to do with it? Well, over the next year, I write a PhD… from scratch… and it needs to be sumitted by next Christmas, so with a bit of luck you’ll be able to follow that process.

Also… I’ve been looking for blogs run by either academics interested in Deaf studies and/or by Utopianists… and found nearly nothing. So, this is a first step in getting some of that information out there, and some of my thinking in this area into the public domain.

And, with my wedding to the lovely Jo coming up later this year too (1st Sept) it’s a good place to introduce myself. If what they said yesterday – about this being one of the future directions for research and communication – is true, then it wouldn’t hurt to have information about me on it so that you can see who I am. Of course, that forms a necessary background to my work too (for those of you interested in the Deaf field, I’m hearing, so there’s a particular need to be transparent on my identity and community belonging)  so it’s a necessary addition to the professional and academic work.

So, watch this space for all this and possibly more. This blog should be video enabled too so as soon as get a chance I’ll introduce myself with a Vblog entry so you can see me too.


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