Deaf geographies, and other worlds.


Note: Although I don’t, now, agree with some of the things that I wrote in the past, I make no apology for the content of these papers… ideas develop, move on, shift and change – weaken, strengthen. They are presented as I originally wrote them, and (if nothing else) serve as a way of charting the evolution my thinking around Deaf space, the Deafscape, and Deaf geographies.



Gulliver, Mike (2004) Write me a memory – Or, the constructions of the deaf-mute banquets in 19th century Paris. Unpublished Masters Thesis. University of Bristol: UK (constructions and discourses of nationhood)


Gulliver, M. ‘The Deafscape; landscape and heritage of the Deaf world”, paper presented at Forum UNESCO conference, Newcastle University, UK, 11–16 April 2005 (link – pdf: 123 KB)

Gulliver, M. “The Deafscape; landscape and heritage of the Deaf world”, paper presented at the Institute of British Geographers, Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference: London, Sept 2nd 2005. (link – pdf: 207 KB)


Gulliver, Mike (2006) – Introduction to Deaf Space. Unpublished introductory document originally written for publication through a Deafhood-based website.


Batterbury, Sarah., Ladd, Paddy., Gulliver, Mike (2007) Sign Language Peoples as indigenous minorities: implications for research and policy. Environment and Planning A 2007, volume 39, pages 2899 – 2915.

Gulliver, M. “Deaf Geographies”. Departmental presentation to the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol, May 2007. (link – pdf: 132 KB)


Gulliver, Mike (2008) ‘Places of Silence’, in Vanclay, F., Higgins, M., & Blackshaw, A. (eds.) Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses. Canberra: National Museum of Australia, pp. 87- 94.


Gulliver, Mike (2009) DEAF space, a history: The production of DEAF spaces Emergent, Autonomous, Located and Disabled in 18th and 19th century France. Unpublished PhD Thesis – University of Bristol: UK.


Gulliver, M “Building blocks to an understanding of Deaf space”. Guide prepared for academic forum. August 2013. (link – pdf: 171 KB)

Gulliver M, Kitzel MB, Walker J (2013) Conference Report: ‘Deaf Geographies’. In Deaf History International Newsletter. No 51. December 2013. pp 8-9.


Gulliver, M and Kitzel MB “Deaf Geography, an introduction” – submitted, non-corrected, draft of entry for Deaf Studies Encyclopaedia to be published in 2014/15 by Sage.  (Link is to academia.edu site and pdf).

Lyons, W. J and Gulliver, M. “Deaf Co-operatives, alternative capital, alternative orders” Script from presentation give on 29th August 2014 at Institute for British Geographers International Conference. RGS with the IBG London.


Gulliver, M (2015) The Emergence of International Deaf Spaces in France from Desloges 1779 to the Paris Congress of 1900. In Michele Friedner and Annelies Kusters (eds). It’s a Small World. International Deaf Spaces and Encounters. GUP: Washington, DC.

Gulliver, M (2015) Philanthropy for and from the London Deaf community in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Presented at the International Congress of Historical Geographers. London, July 2015. (with William John Lyons).


Gulliver, M and Kitzel M E (2016) – Deaf Geographies. In Genie Gertz & Patrick Boudreault, The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, pages 451-453. SAGE Publications, Inc: Thousand Oaks.


Gulliver, M (2017) – ‘Seeking Lefebvre’s Vécu in a Deaf space classroom’ in Ares et al. (Eds) Deterritorializing/Reterritorializing: Critical Geographies of Educational Reform. New York: Sense Publications. 99 – 108. (3,556 words)

Gulliver, M and Fekete, E (2017) ‘Introduction to Special Edition on Deaf Geographies’. (Special edition editor with Emily Fekete) Journal of Cultural Geography. 121-130 DOI: 10.1080/08873631.2017.1305539.

Gulliver, M (2017) ‘Insulting Jean Massieu: debating representational control of deaf people in mid-19th century Britain’. Journal of Social and Cultural History.  DOI: 10.1080/14780038.2017.1314580.

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