Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

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About the blog

My name is Mike Gulliver, and this is where I talk about things that I’m thinking about – academic, or not.

Generally, I write about either the present or historical situation of the Deaf community, and draw on thinking from geography, utopian studies, linguistics, translation studies, and then anything else that looks interesting.

Posts tend to be either my own musings, or working papers about an evolving and growing idea that I might be pursuing… sometimes, I just like to translate things, and make them available.

I occasionally share something personal, and very occasionally talk about technical things.

About me

As an academic, I have a wide ranging background. That makes me interested in the way that ideas cross-fertilise – so many of the things that I think about are informed by the various academic areas that I have moved through.

These are (crudely):

1990 – 1995: French, Spanish, Linguistics/sociolinguistics/nationalism

1996 – 1999: Interpreting and translation

2000 – 2003: Deaf Studies

2004 – 2009: Historical Deaf Geographies and French Deaf spaces

2010 – 2013: UK Deaf spaces in the 19th century


For those wanting to get in touch, you can do so by writing to me at my University of Bristol address.

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