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Sure, it’s probably therapeutic to write… maybe for its own sake, but what is the point, really, if no-one is going to read it.

Having transfered attentions to a blogspot blog for the last few weeks, searching for myself on the web (only prompted, I assure you, by the fact that I was told that other people were looking for me) I found that the blogspot blog didn’t register with google at all… consequently, despite the fact that I still can’t work out how to change the password on this one so that I can remember it, I’ll be coming back here.

The point of having a blog, after all, is to use it and be seen using it… surely!

Just about submitted the second revisions of all four data chapters… there’s some real meat in their, hopefully I’ll take the time to outline some of it at a later date.

Only the theory to go now *gulp* and only a couple of months to get it written, polished and handed in.

Be glad when it’s over now 🙂

P.S… Have changed the password… phew!! How complicated is the dashboard on this thing?


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