Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

Upon my return


Time marches on… nearly a month after my past post, I’m back from the US where the first ever two-session treatment of DEAF space took pride of place at the American Association of Geographers conference.

… OK, not ‘pride of place’… maybe somewhere in the back of Thursday morning in the middle of the conference… but it was certainly the first ever big placement for DEAF space issues.

There’s a blog in the offing which will be shared here as soon as it’s set up, created by the people who contributed, as a way of bringing all the research on that subject together. And a further conference session on the same subject at the IBG-RGS in London in August/September… although I doubt the burritos at lunchtime will be quite as good.

In the meantime, it’s heartening to know that we are more than 1 or 2… and that we might be as many as a dozen worldwide looking into DEAF space areas…



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