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Whoops… and I’m back

Dear all,

One good thing about only posting sporadically to this blog is that, when I disappear for a few days, no-one worries.

The last few days of absence were, unfortunately, a  bit more serious than me just being busy.

I fell off my bike on the 28th November into the path of a Ford Focus, which then drove over me.

Somewhat miraculously – having spent a few harrowing moments staring at the underside of the engine… and then a few uncomfortable days getting the use of my ribs back, less than a couple of weeks later, I’m back at work…

Thanks to all who have expressed good wishes.

I’ve had a good think about priorities in the time off, and while nothing has changed particularly, I’m even more determined to make sure that I don’t simply drift – ticking off years of time without actually getting back to the heart of what I want to do.

My friend Austin Kocher recently wondered… “Is there anything more exciting than learning something new?”

I don’t think there is… unless, perhaps when that learning then takes you to passing on that knowledge to others and seeing them also learn it, engage with it, and then take ownership of it, and start to move it in new directions.

Research, writing, dissemination, collaboration, exploration, discovery.

Love it 🙂



2 comments on “Whoops… and I’m back

  1. fran
    December 14, 2011

    Jeese!! Glad your okay Mike – sounds pretty serious, and sounds like you were really lucky!! Hope you are fully recovered. 🙂
    At the same time as finding out you had been involved in the accident (now), I have also found out that you are co-supervising my dissertation along with jim. I, of course, am very pleased with this. However, with all that you have just gone through…. I hope it doesnt add to your stresses.

    Glad you are okay, and hope you and your family have a lovely christmas!!


  2. Maggi Sutcliffe
    December 18, 2011

    Hi Mike,
    I just tried to email you, and it was sent back. Could you let me know your new email address? Hope the recovery continues.

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