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Deaf Geographies Workshop – Call for Papers (CFP)

This is a *DO NOT MISS* opportunity to be right there, at the first ever international workshop on Deaf Geographies.

And it won’t cost you more than £50!!

Please read this Call For Papers below, and if you can contribute, get in touch with Mary Beth at this email: deaf_geog@bisc.queensu.ac.uk

I hope to see you there!

Dear Friends,

As I hope you already have heard The Bader International Study Centre of Queen’s University (Canada) will be hosting the inaugural Field School of Deaf Geographies (FSDG) for undergraduate students from 17th June to 15th July. The school will be held in the picturesque setting of Queen University’s (Canada) picturesque Herstmonceux Castle, situated in East Sussex. I am writing today to invite you to the school’s culminating experience a three-day academic workshop, the FSDG Workshop12-14 July, 2013.

FSDG’s curriculum has a dual focus on both human geographical perspectives on the history of Deaf space, as well as on the theory and methods of human geography. The fundamental learning goals of the field school are to thoughtfully and critically engage with Human Geography from a Deaf cultural perspective, and to encourage the enthusiasm and efforts of new researchers at all levels of study in this exciting new area of research.

The FSDG Workshop will bring together those from around the world whose research – past and present – engages with the themes of Deaf Geographies. It will be structured as per the format of an academic conference during which professional researchers will present on a chosen aspect of their research in the field of Deaf Geographies. Further to this, the workshop will provide the students who have participated in the field school with the opportunity to present the findings from their research projects, and to collect feedback from the visiting academics.

The Workshop will provide an invaluable forum where all those interested can connect with the growing network of Deaf Geographies and appreciate the diversity of expertise that is emanating from a broad array of disciplinary perspectives in the humanities and social sciences. Critically, the workshop will afford participants the opportunity to participate in important discussions around the present contexts of Deaf Geographies and to generate important questions around the futures of the field. The activities* of the three-day event will be structured as follows:

Day 1: 12 JULY

Morning    Arrival at Herstmonceux Castle, Orientation, Conference registration
Afternoon   Keynote Conference Address, Student research presentations
Evening   Dinner and Headless Drummer

Day 2: 13 JULY

Morning    Conference Panel – Theme 1
Afternoon   Excursion TBA
Evening   Dinner and social event

Day 3: 14 JULY

Morning    Conference Panel – Theme 2
Afternoon   Breakout sessions on the topic of ‘Deaf Geographies – Futures, Challenges and Opportunities’ 
Evening   Roundtable discussion ‘Deaf Geographies’ Futures’ . Official Workshop Close

*subject to change.

We are hereby calling on those academics whose work intersects with Deaf Geographies to submit abstracts for papers to be featured in the panel discussions of the Field School workshop. Abstracts are to be between 200 and 250 words, and are to be submitted to Mary Beth Kitzel, Field School Director (contact details as below) by Friday 30th March 2013.

Accommodation, including meals, is available on site at the reasonable rate without VAT: £10.50 per person/£15.30 with spouse, per night. Participants will need additional funds for personal spending, entertainment, insurance, and transport to/from the UK.

Sign language interpreters available on request.
I’ve attached a copy of the field school flyer for you to share with your students. For further details about the school, check our website at www.queensu.ca/bisc <http://www.queensu.ca/bisc>  or contact me (information below). Thanks for spreading the word.

We hope you will consider joining us in for these exciting three days this summer. We look forward to hearing from you.
Feel free to share this invitation with interested parties.

Until then,
Best wishes,
Mary Beth


2 comments on “Deaf Geographies Workshop – Call for Papers (CFP)

  1. Karim okiki
    April 25, 2013

    Halo,l am deaf,am student.am come from kenya.l wonder l read pick ur website from deaf geograpical workshop.l need education from u also l interent.l can pay register.l ask u question who wil pay for fare?pls reply

    • Mike Gulliver
      May 9, 2013

      Hi Karim,

      I don’t think there are funds to pay for people to attend. The best thing to do is to get in touch with Mary-Beth (her email is in the post) and ask her – she’s the director of the Field School, and will be able to reply.

      We might also be able to cast the workshop, so that could be an option if it comes off.

      All the best,

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