Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

As promised – a posting at https://sdds.blogs.ilrt.org/2014/02/26/will-deaf-people-be-deaf-in-heaven/

If I had to be honest, I’d say that from what I’ve read, the 1872 Bishop of Carlisle and I wouldn’t really have seen eye to eye. He sounds all too ready to speak for a community that he didn’t know much about. And if his view of heaven were submitted to me as an essay I’d probably mark it with “lacks imagination”.

But, from what Wikipedia says about him, and from one of his sermons online, he doesn’t appear to have had a reputation for being outstandingly pompous. In fact, he seems to have been a perfectly normal, and rather popular, Victorian scholar/church man.

His views, then, would probably have not been at all unrepresentative of the time, and may well give us a picture of what the average cleric thought about the Deaf community… if, indeed, they ever did think about the Deaf community… in the period immediately preceding the opening of the St Saviour’s church.

Perhaps a baseline to work from.


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