Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

Deaf VR spaces and VR archaeology

A friend of mine has published an article in ‘British Archaeology’ on Virtual Reality archaeology which contains an interior view of the Deaf Church that stood on Oxford Street reconstructed from a photo that we have from the early 20th century.

The argument is that by reconstructing lost environments, we can continue to do archaeology in them, even if they are only virtual. The Deaf spaces of St Saviour’s are a good candidate… we know how they were designed, but little about how effective the physical environments were when they were occupied and used.

The article is in the most recent edition; Issue 147 Mar/Apr 2016, for copyright reasons, here is a link to only the page that talks about our work.

The link is a pdf with an image, so if you want the text, or need more information, let me know and I’ll make that available.


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