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Moving on…

I think the key to having a blog is being prepared to deal with the question “Are you OK? I’ve been watching your blog and you’ve stopped writing.”

I have no objection to living this side of my working life in public. In some ways it’s reassuring to know that there is a safety-net of people out there concerned enough to ask how the author is doing… thank you 🙂
So, where have I been… well, I’ve been ill, Jo’s been ill… the whole of the UK is ill at the moment it seems… a lot of people asking me where I’ve been have also been ill… That’s a part of it, but it’s not really the only reason.

Here’s the core of it… i can’t write unless I’ve got acres of silence around me and the guarantee of knowing that I’m not going to be disturbed…

And, you know, I can’t do that at the university… unless I can develop superhuman concentration powers that allow me to just switch off the outside world…

I’ve tried various things… I’ve tried the ‘once a week’ rule where you do something if it only comes up once a week… which went to the ‘once a month’ rule and then the ‘once a year’ rule… there’s still too much stuff going on… I just can’t do it… Eventually, I’ve had to bite the bullet and cut myself off… and I’m now working at home.

The fact that I’m writing again here shows that it’s actually worked… I’ve got more done in the last three days that I did in the rest of the month!

But, where does this leave my other responsibilities; to be part of a living thriving community of academics either in Deaf Studies, or in Geography?

I guess the real answer to that is “I don’t know”… but what I do know is that there’s no set mould for this, and having tried pretty much everything else, I have had to admit that if I want to get the PhD finished before the end of the year, then this is what I have to do.

The scary thing is that I’m enjoying it!

One comment on “Moving on…

  1. Stephen Gulliver
    February 24, 2007

    Glad to hear you are back to it. It is horrible to concentrate – at work people just take a second and at home there is cleaning, washingup, extended lunch, email… If you have organised a section breakdown of your PhD, have you tried the ‘I will finish section in x days’ approach? Speak to you next Week! – Stephen

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