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I *am* going to New York

Amazing what securing a tiny bit of funding does in leveraging more. Maybe it’s about the credibility that it lends to your project.

Having secured the conference fees from the AAG, I’ve now been told that work are going to contribute something to get me to New York. This is wonderful news, particularly since part of the ‘new vision’ that I described yesterday requires me to develop a way to hold in (tension is the wrong word, it suggests that there is a tension… maybe balance would be a better one) balance the two roles that I currently play within the University (IT services and Academic) and, if possible, work them together.

Unless the university adopts a revolutionary new approach to many things (I can’t, for example, be a member of academic staff and support staff – different pay grades and structures and different rules on what each can do apply), one of the only ways to constructively bridge the two areas is to present ideas that do just that, at fora like the AAG.

Last night, upon hearing the news that I’d got partial funding, and some more on the way *fingers crossed*, I got the go ahead from home to attend – no small grace when it involves leaving Jo at home with a (will be then 23 month old) toddler for a week on her own.

Big Apple – here I come 🙂


2 comments on “I *am* going to New York

  1. Mary Beth
    November 17, 2011

    This is very good news, Mike! Well done!
    It looks like I’m free to attend too if I can find the dosh. And that’s a humongous IF! I haven’t submitted a paper though, so I’m fence-sitting.
    Let’s catch up soon. Yes? =)

    • Mike Gulliver
      November 17, 2011

      Ah MB, that would be great… if you did, would a short trip to Rochester be out of the question?

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