Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

Call for Papers – Deaf Geographies: AAG 2015 – Chicago

Deaf geographies sandbox

Call for Papers – American Association of Geographers conference, 2015. Chicago.

Mike Gulliver, University of Bristol: UK
Gill Harold, University College Cork: Ireland
Austin Kocher, The Ohio State University, US

Geographical inquiry is making increased headway into understanding the realities and experiences of the world’s Deaf communities in areas as wide-ranging as the social and (signed) linguistic practices of the Deaf community (Valentine & Skelton 2003), the historical territories and forms of Deaf space (Gulliver 2009, Kitzel 2014), the spatialities of power and oppression experienced by Deaf individuals (Harold 2013), the role of space in everyday Deaf lives and in Deaf imaginations (Kusters 2010), embodied ontologies and productions of culture within a Deaf-centred built environment (Sangalang 2012), and the theoretical stakes of this research (Gulliver & Kitzel 2014).

These investigations speak of the creative potential of humankind to produce and inhabit spaces that are shaped by a predominantly visual perçu

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