Deaf geographies, and other worlds.

Deaf-led research into a natural situation that parallels the ‘gesture-rich’ example created by Samsung’s ‘sign language city’.

With permission, this is reproduced from a Facebook post by Annelies Kusters who is a Deaf academic colleague. It presents an alternative to the generally polarised views that have come … Continue reading

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More posts from the SDDS blog…

Time for more posts from the SDDS blog, presented here with a bit of commentary Mr Bird, I hope you are well this morning – This presents what is, I think, … Continue reading

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Call for Papers – 2015 summer International Conference in Deaf Geographies

I will be unable to attend in real human form this summer but I’ll be there virtually… and I’d strongly recommend this conference to you if you’re at all able … Continue reading

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Posts from the SDDS blog… ongoing

I’m not sure if it’s the done thing, but since I’m posting nearly daily on the blog for the Scripture, Dissent and Deaf Space (SDDS) project, I thought I’d provide a set of … Continue reading

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PhD on Deaf Heritage Buildings – starts Sept 2015 (initial information)

You probably know that my work is currently focused on the St Saviour’s Deaf Church, which stood on Oxford Street in London from 1870 (when the foundation stone was laid) … Continue reading

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PhD opportunity on the boundary between gesture and language

I wouldn’t normally post jobs… but this is a subject that I’m particularly interested in, so I’m eager to help Adam recruit someone to it… my own view is that sign … Continue reading

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New books from Gallaudet University Press

I don’t usually post things from new book issues… but the GUP newsletter that came today sparked my interest. Two books, in particular: 1. Sign Language Archaeology; Understanding the historical … Continue reading

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