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Banquets des Sourds-Muets: 5

I’ve become aware that some people can’t view .pdfs, and that it would help to have a variety of formats of file available… so, for each post, I’ll now try and offer an updated English language text file too… you can download the docs from the Scribd document viewer.

The introductory chapter first draft is finished – here are the links

Introductory chapter images (original, in French only)

Introductory chapter first draft with both texts

Introductory chapter first draft in English only

I have permission to translate this document as long as I don’t make any money from it…

If you want to quote from the French document, the official citation is “Société Centrale (1842) Banquets des Sourds-Muets Réunis pour fêter les Anniversaires de la Naissance de l’Abbé de l’Epée.. Tome I. Paris: Chez Jacques ledoyen” followed by the page.

If you want to quote from the English translation, please be aware that this is an ongoing project and that the documents available are liable to change as the translation is polished… I do have copies of versions, but you’ll need to include a date and time stamp.

Enjoy 🙂


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