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You’ll forgive me not posting for a few…

You’ll forgive me not posting for a few days. I’ve been on ‘holiday’.

In the past, holidays were things that provided time off; a rest, a chance to unwind, an opportunity to relax, lie in the sun, drink, sleep, ignore the washing up…

Then we had a daughter.

Now the daughter is 15 months old – and has no concept of ‘holiday’. ‘Holiday’ for her is simply doing the same thing as usual somewhere else – if possible a ball pit or bouncy castle.

I love her – but I’m knackered.

Still, rather that than sit immobile doing exams like the Deaf history students that I’ve taught this year.

Guys, I hope you did OK? I’ll find out tomorrow when I pick up the transcripts.

… and then, I hope, back to more translation


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